Leiurus/Dendrobatidae from mathewkumar on 8tracks.

I’ve been terrifically busy and despite starting this Tumblr with the best of intentions, I haven’t managed to do much else but scroll through other Tumblrs, mouth agape, wondering if I should “reblog” this or that and then never bothering.

To tide you over, I’ve decided to maximize the leverage of my cross-social network presence by posting up an 8tracks mix of my This Is My Jam “jams” on my tumblr (which I will then tweet and post on Facebook about.)

Joking aside, my initial foray into This Is My Jam was a genuine attempt to see if I could use it to (very slowly) build up pleasing mixtapes, and you can definitely see that here—tracks mostly work one after another, and there are thematic links; some hidden, some obvious, even though I really was just selecting the music I was most “feeling” at the time. Like the best mixtapes, if you put in the effort, it’s personally revealing. But you will have to put in some effort, considering the second track is straight-up death metal.


1. Nightcall (SAWAGii’s Revenge Remix) / Kavinsky
2. Brought Up To The Bottom / Leviathan
3. Nephicide / Jogger
4. Pact To Stay Cold / Sparrow And The Workshop
5. The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton / The Mountain Goats

6. The Song from Nightosphere / Rebecca Sugar
7. The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song / Jeffrey Lewis
8. The First Blast Of The Trumpet Against The Monstrous… / Clean George IV
9. Poison Tree / Grouper
10. Broken Cormorant / Prolapse
+ a bonus track not originally featured on my This is My Jam page.

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